True to mySelf

The story of Self

SELF wants to be a "little player in a big world", but not to the detriment of neither our service philosophy nor our quality! Our products are authentic and 100% natural. All our products and packaging are contracted and manufactured in Belgium. Read our story and discover what we want to stand for!

SELF is being yourself

How do I get the most out of life? By trying to enjoy and appreciate every moment of life as much as possible. Every day provides a new experience that I grab with both hands. Sometimes these things are very simple - like socializing with my family, the first rays of sunshine on my skin or enjoying a nice glass of wine. At the same time, there is a drive in me to seek out the unpredictable power of adventures in life: to discover unknown places, to meet new people, and to confront new challenges in order to realize my dreams.


But life can be very demanding. I must be a good wife and mother, a good friend, a successful woman, etc. Obviously, I sometimes feel that I fail to do just this! But the most important thing to me is: be yourself.

Therefore, it is essential that I take good care of myself and that I am aware of what I eat and how to take care of my own body. I feel well in my own skin, literally.

Arisen from the care I give to my daughter

Every day, I feel that my skin must endure more things. I noticed that my daughter had a tough skin. All the products that were prescribed to her were a disappointment, and thus I started to search for the right care. I searched products that could nourish and protect me and my daughter properly. And - equally important – which had respect for nature and the natural character of our skin. After the disappointment of yet another alleged all-natural product and the empty promises of an eternally young skin, the seller whispered the solution to me: why not create a 100% natural skin care line myself? The idea of ​​Self was born.

With respect for nature!

All our products are manufactured in Belgium. We monitor the natural origin of each Self product, from plant to production, and use only certified recyclable packaging, in order to complete the 'natural touch’.

SELF finds sustainability important. We do not see it as a trend, but rather as one of our basic principles! We strive to create a brand that is ethical and transparent.

I hope that you enjoy an evening or morning with our SELF products and that you feel your skin repairing and shining! Because I do it for exactly this purpose!

With love