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Self wants you to enjoy yourself, with a little twinkle in your eyes that says: ‘I love it!’ The 100% natural products from Self help to look after your skin in just the right way. Self, in harmony with the skin's natural properties and focused on what's most important: your inner self.

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100% VEGAN!

Does your skin need some extra pampering? SELF treats your skin like royalty! Only the very best for your skin, with 100% natural and vegan ingredients!




    "I have now been using the facial scrub a few times and I think it's a soft and pleasant scrub. Other scrubs that I've used did not have such a soft feel afterwards and they sometimes even caused some redness. I have not yet used the body wash (first finishing my current bottle) but I think it will be very pleasant."
    #facialscrub #fan


    "My mother suffers from eczema / allergy so it always itches on her arms and legs. I recommended her to use a lotion consisting of entirely natural means. She has tried various products from the pharmacy, but nothing helps. She has had no itch since she’s been using your body butter :) Thanks for this and do continue to work like this please!"
    #itch #dryskin

    Natascha Verhaert

    "You are what you put on your skin. SELF gives me 100% natural food for my skin and I notice it immediately. The secret power of SELF lies in its essential natural ingredients that actually prove their efficacy in many applications. SELF has become a daily ritual for me!"
    #amazing #skincare

    Joke S

    "Hi Isabelle. After the report on the radio I immediately ordered your product (body butter), and gave it a chance (I have a medical school behind me, which gets quite reluctant to alternative medicine products) because I did not feel good with the cortisone ointment. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful packaging, and beautiful design of your product. Ten out of ten! I have been using the butter now for about 4 weeks, and have not used my cortisone ointment tube during this period. Her skin is less 'elevated'. She also has much less itching. She scratches less now (it was especially a problem at night). The other ointments picked / burned her skin. She complained even more. The best reference is a child of 6 years old. Unbiased and fair. As for the mummy; I see what I see. It's a big difference since I got to know your product. You do not buy a product that makes an unknown businessman even richer, that's so nice! Soon, I'll buy two jars, and I want to try the day cream myself. I look forward to it!"
    #eczema #itch #dryskin

    Ria B

    "Isabelle, I used the daycream and bodywash for a week and it is simply fantastic! Super soft, a real topper! Thanks again for the personal greeting on my order, heart-warming!"
    #Daycream #bodywash

    Lisa D.

    "The day cream from SELF saved my skin. After a long allergic rash which I had on my face, I happened to find a photo on Instagram of SELF products. Their beautiful packaging attracted me immediately and I looked for more information about the brand. And then I read: creams specifically for people with sensitive skin allergy. I directly ordered a moisturizer. It has been a long time since my skin didn’t feel so gentle. In addition, the brand is cruelty-free, something that is very important for me. I cannot wait to also purchase other products from SELF !! ;-)"
    #daycream #sensitiveskin


    "First of all, thanks for the wonderful day cream. I feel and see many positive changes with my skin. Meanwhile I have ordered and received the moisturizer. I think this will be a keeper for my skin. Thanks!"
    #daycream # samples



    "I no longer suffer from itching or redness, and I find that my skin shines less :-) So, nothing but positive praise!!! You have a large fan here."
    #fan #weloveself


    "I have had your day cream for almost two weeks in the bathroom stand and I find it delicious. Soft texture, easy to spread, quickly absorbed, nice cologne and you really do not need much. My face gets just more "calm" and smoother. What you have done is pretty."
    #fan #smootskin

    Rita B.

    "I was not sure what to expect. I have used the night cream for two weeks and I really see and feel the difference! I used to often suffer from large pores but since I use this all night, the quality of my skin improved remarkably! My skin looks better and feels much healthier! A topper! I can really recommend it!!"


    " I am very satisfied with the products. I finally found products that are good for my skin. I am from India and I have always had problems (acne and pigmentation), even as an adult. Currently I am almost 45 years and I now wear less makeup, without camouflaging the spots. It's a relief! I am very satisfied and will in the future certainly still order products. Greetings and good day! "


    "All day dreamer is simply genius! I use it now since 2 weeks and my dry skin and eczema patches are almost completely gone. I also notice fewer wrinkles!! The smell is very pleasant and nice. The surplus lies in the beautiful packaging!"
    #eczema #daycreme


    "A hit!! After years of burning skin and cream picks, I finally found a cream that quickly penetrates and feels super soft. I started the night cream, and ordered a week later the day cream. I have no regret at all!"
    #naturalself #happyskin

    Nadja B.

    ""I purchased the fine delicate body butter and I am very satisfied. Fast delivery, very beautiful packaging, fresh scent, and very effective. The dry skin of my daughter lubricates much better after several applications. We are happy!"
    #skincare #eczéma

    Sofie V.D.

    "The products look good and they are super good! My skin is very sensitive and I respond quickly, having tried many products ... but I notice a real difference now I use SELF! My skin feels soft, healthy, and I have no irritation ...! Thanks SELF, I love it!!!"
    #gevoeligehuid #huidverzorging #skincare

    Priscilla R

    "Dear Isabelle, a few weeks ago, I read your article about the origins of Natural Self in the newspaper and your story really appealed to me. It is true to say that the label "100% natural" is used too easily. It is so amazing that you have gone great lengths to market really pure products. This needs a lot of commitment and willpower. I have a very sensitive skin (since being a child) and eczema, and therefore good care is the solution. It is a real quest to find just the right treatment that stays very natural. This problem is solved now, I'm glad I found you :) Your creams are silky smooth, pure & clean, nourishing, a real treat for your skin. With some patience, I also hope to get rid of my eczema. Keep up the good work, I hope you can further develop Natural Self, I'm already a fan. Good luck and thanks Isabelle!"
    #happy #eczema #happy

    Rita P

    "After years of searching for products at the beautician, pharmacist and perfumers, I have found 'my' products! First I bought the night cream, with a convincing positive outcome: pleasant, non-greasy, immediately withdrawable. Then I bought the moisturizer and was also directly pleased here. After a few weeks, I had an improved skin texture, clear complexion, and no more red spots! I'm happy!"
    #daycreme #nightcreme


    "I was at an event from and received a treatment with the face scrub and night cream. I immediately noticed a big difference when looking in the mirror, my skin shone without looking greasy! I was immediately convinced by the scrub, and since my tube was nearly empty, I immediately bought one of your bottles. Blessed stuff! You also gave me some samples of moisturizer. My face feels noticeably softer and my skin radiates! I use my jars of day and night cream a lot!! It feels so good!!"
    #facescrub #skincare


    "I have lots of products of different brands, and unfortunately, I almost always get an allergic reaction. I met SELF at an event, and at first I dared not to try. But Isabelle was very friendly, gave clear explanations and gave me some samples so that I could test the moisturizer. And yes! The cream feels good, and my skin has a lovely scent and even better, I have no allergic reaction!!! Very glad to have tested and found a product that is healthy and nutritious, with no side effects!"