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How to deal with dry skin?

What to do about chapped or tight skin?

Does your skin feel tight, chapped or flaky? Then your skin isn’t able to minimize its natural skin moisture loss. Our skin can be seen as a transition point between our body, which is made up of nearly 60% fluid, and the dry outside atmosphere. The skin barrier isn’t functioning properly.

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How to care for sensitive skin?

What exactly is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin occurs when the top layer of the skin, that should protect the body from outside stimuli, is disrupted by various environmental factors. Hereditary factors also play a part in the sensitivity of your skin.

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Are you experiencing problem areas on your skin?

How to optimize the care for your skin problem areas?

Usually problem areas start with an itchy feeling and red spots on the skin. This occurs when specific skin zones get very dry and raw. If left untreated it could cause eczema.

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How to care for fragile baby skin?

A baby’s skin is nearly five times thinner!

A baby’s skin isn’t fully developed and as a result is very sensitive. The sebaceous glands are in development, the skin cells are wider apart and the protective acid cloak is incomplete. As a result this could cause the baby’s skin to be so vulnerable and dry quickly!


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How to pamper maturing skin?

What is aging skin and how do wrinkles occur?

As our skin grows older it changes: it gets thinner, more fragile and discolored in specific areas and of course.. wrinkles get visible. It’s all down to the time our cells need to restore.

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How to care for a combination or fatty skin type?

What is combination skin?

Are you suffering from a fatty T-zone that's prone to acne and dry or normal cheeks? Then you have a combination skin. Although this skin type is the most common, it still poses a challenge for most of us! Because how do you care for a fatty zone and dry cheeks? And how many types of skin care products do you need to handle it? Because you're dealing with several different types, it's hard to find the care best suited for you!

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