SELF strives to act as sustainable as possible. We work with partners and suppliers who carry these values as their ​​main priority. Our partners meet several strict labelling standards, including the ECOCERT label and PEFC International Endorsement.


Raw materials & Ingredients

We strive to use the largest possible percentage of organic raw materials; it is currently at 70%.

Our raw material supplier and packaging supplier are ECO-CERT certified, which means, among other things that our ingredients such as coconut, argan, macadamia, etc. are acquired in a fair trade way. This strives to improve the living standards of farmers / workers, and to prohibit the use of child labour, within other things.

Our formulas are highly suitable for the most sensitive, fragile skins and even for baby skins. The products have been developed with an objective of hydrating - deep nourishment and restoring skin - to restore the skin barrier and elasticity of the skin, and are tested by independent dermatologists.

The SELF products contain a minimum amount of geraniol, which is a natural component of various natural essential oils. We chose these oils, as they have a maximum positive effect on the skin (tangerine and geranium) and minimal side effects. In addition, we have used a very low amount of these, in order to keep the risk of allergy as low as possible.

  • We do not use conflict minerals such as MICA or gold.
  • Our products are free of micro plastics.
  • Our products are of course not tested on animals; we use no animal ingredients.
  • All production takes place in the Netherlands.

Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging

We deliberately chose plastic pots (instead of glass jars) that are produced in Europe. We opt for a safe, high-quality plastic recycling process because it is better for the environment. It is less cumbersome, allows for energy recovery, and it also needs less water to produce, and has lower CO2 emissions. The lids and caps are also produced in Europe. We use compressed wood waste, with a recycling process that is also done in-house.

The secondary packaging consists of recycled paper that we use, in accordance with the minimum-waste principle. We have chosen to design one complete package from one sheet. The idea here is to make maximum use, leaving us with a minimum level of waste during the production.

Packing and shipping of our products is organized as sustainably as possible. Our shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard, (extra if we fill the box to protect the products) of shredded cardboard or of other compostable materials (such as plastic air bags that protect the products).

Production and recycling of the packaging is a CO2 footprint, which we want to minimize! We do this by choosing sustainable packaging, we want to reuse materials, so that resources can retain their value. The production of our packaging takes place in Europe to keep our footprint as small as possible. We choose partners and suppliers who are very conscious of the production process, where the production continuously adapts (renewable / new energy, limiting use of water, etc.) in order to reduce the environmental impact. About 25% of the energy comes from renewable energy. Our partners also conduct in-house recycling of all materials.


Since we have to use precious resources (water and energy) to manufacture our products, we are committed to reducing our consumption by 20% by 2021. In order to achieve this, we will work with our suppliers and manufacturers, to use more renewable energy (such as solar panels), to invest in energy recovery and to reduce CO2 foot-print. As for our total energy consumption, we always try to make sure that our machines work efficiently, that the cooling and ventilation systems are optimized, that office space is limited, and we try to carry as little as possible. We strive, after extensive research and measurements, to implement measures that reduce our physical footprint.

Given that SELF has just started, it is difficult to make a clear report about our climate footprint. Given the efforts that we want to make the next few years, we want to try to reduce our foot print by 20% over the next 5 years.

All our products are recyclable: our flasks are in a PMD - bag / jar in the mixed bag / lids on garbage.

We strive to work with refillable packaging within a few years.


The well-being of others is an important value and even a priority for us. We develop our products just to help our customers. SELF wants to encourage self-growth. It is an evidence that we care for everyone involved in the whole process. SELF only works with partners and suppliers who operate in a socially sustainable manner. That is, taking care of employees, providing a healthy work-life balance, where there is no child labour or exploitation, etc. We support projects involving vulnerable groups. Every year we donate money to organizations dedicated to the environment, children and vulnerable groups.

In short: "Taking care of your-SELF"

Our goal is to

  • Work on projects in the context of environmental and / or social sustainability, as an organization
  • We also want our partners and suppliers to continue to choose based on sustainability and to continue to stimulate them to constantly re-examine the production and make adjustments depending on the nature.
  • NATRUE-quality applications.
  • Reduce our CO2 footprint even more, through the application of different measures.
  • Using refillable containers.