SELF strives to be as sustainable as possible.


From our raw materials to our packaging partners, we only work with suppliers who make ecology a priority. Just like us.

Our raw materials & ingredients


SELF contains the best ingredients from Mother Nature. Our products are 100% natural and vegan: free of silicone, chemical ingredients, artificial fragrances and dyes, parabens and other nasties. All our ingredients are eco-certified. In addition, we choose oils with a proven positive effect on the skin, such as mandarin and geranium, and this in a very low dose to minimize the chance of an allergy.



Our products are developed for modern skin: designed to promote hydration, repair the skin barrier and improve the skin’s elasticity. Our formulas are dermatologically tested. Perfectly safe for the most sensitive, fragile and problem skin. Even for the littlest ones!



All our ingredients are fair trade: with respect for the living standards of farmers & workers and without children's hands. We also opt for organic where possible. To date, 70% of our ingredients are organic.



The entire SELF range is halal certified. Both animal products and alcohol are strictly avoided during our production process.

Did you know?


  • SELF does not contain minerals such as MICA or gold.
  • Our products are free from microplastics.
  • SELF products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal parts.
  • We are proudly Halal certified. 
  • Our entire production takes place in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our packaging


The production and recycling of packaging always has a CO2 footprint, but we want to minimize it as much as possible. That is why we opt for sustainable packaging.


Our current plastic packaging comes from European soil. It contains, among other things, polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephtalate (PET). 


PET and PE are both approved for cosmetics. They do not contain traces of phthalates or softeners, estrogen-like materials or bisphenol A, also known as BPA. This ensures that no harmful substances enter our products.


Moreover, our lids and caps are also produced in Europe and consist of compressed waste wood.

Green shipment

We ship our orders in boxes made from recycled cardboard.


And did you know that the green fillers we use to protect your SELF products during transport are 100% biodegradable?


Check out the proof here

Looking towards the future


Our bottles can be disposed in the PMD bag, while the jars can be placed in the mixed bag. But many SELF fans use our empty packaging to store jewelery or other small treasures.


Thanks to the recycling of our packaging, less energy is required than when making new plastic. This means fewer raw materials such as petroleum are required too. Moreover, the plastic bottles no longer end up in the residual waste. A double advantage: we pay less and we pollute less!


Although our plastic bottles are perfectly recyclable, we are fully investigating the option of packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable glass. The logical next step!


We are constantly looking for the most sustainable packaging options at SELF.

Our priority

At SELF, you are our priority. Our products help keep your skin healthy, but that's not all. At SELF we are convinced: selfness is the new wellness. Taking good care of yourself is important. You feel it inside and see it outside!


In addition to our customers, we also take care of everyone who is part of the SELF story. We only work with partners and suppliers who work in a social and sustainable manner: making sure they take good care of their employees, promoting a healthy work-life balance and absolutely no question of child labor or exploitation.


SELF also has a heart for projects that empower vulnerable target groups. Every year, we donate money to organizations that are committed to the environment, children or vulnerable groups.

Our goals


  • Continue supporting projects focused on ecological and / or social sustainability.
  • Consistently choosing our partners based on sustainability. We also constantly challenge them to continue their search for new, environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Apply for a NATRUE quality label.
  • Map our CO2 footprint even better, taking water footprint into account.
  • Make the switch to glass packaging.