1. Which packaging materials does SELF use?

Since our products are natural ingredients, it is important for us to use materials that provide appropriate protection. We chose to work with recycled materials for both primary and secondary packaging. The primary package is airtight. We use plastic components such as polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They contain no traces of phthalates or softeners, oestrogen-like materials or bisphenol A, known as BPA. Naturally, the packages were approved as primary packaging materials for cosmetics and food. In other words, there is a guarantee that no substances are transferred to the product in the package.

We do not work with glass because glass is less ecological and less safe in the bathroom.  (verwijzing link duurzaamheid)

2. SELF products are 100% natural, what does this mean?

This means that our products contain no synthetic additives. We work exclusively with natural preservatives, no perfume substances, healthy alcohol, vegetable oils ... More information can be found here (reference blog INCI list + ingredients)

3. Are the products also 100% organic?

Natural products are not the same as organic products. Organic is not a protected title. The same applies to the term "natural". Each producer can claim this, even if it is not true. Hence the motivation to create SELF, because our products are truly 100% natural and this is not simply a false claim.

To speak of an organically grown ingredient, the grower must present a certificate. Obviously, costs of obtaining this certificate are high. We are increasingly looking for growers who work organically, but they are not always in the process of certification. We find it important to work according to the rules of organic farming but we also understand that not all farmers can afford this audit.

4. Is natural better?

Just because a product is natural does not mean it is better by definition. What is extremely important is the percentage of working substances contained in the products, which can be found in the INCI list.

5. Some products contain alcohol. However, I have read that this can dry out the skin?

Indeed, many natural products often use alcohol and a "bad" alcohol dehydrates the skin. At SELF, we use an alcohol which is healthy, such as a fatty alcohol. You can find this directory in the INCI. This alcohol is not harmful and will not dry the skin. Natural products still appear on any form of alcohol there is in the INCI-list, as this can be harmful.

6. Are your products tested on animals?

SELF loves bunnies. Animals are made to cuddle, not to test things. SELF does not perform any form of animal testing, neither for production, development or quality control. Also we do not instruct others to do so.

7. Are your products suitable for vegans?

All our products are 100% vegan. Look it up in our INCI-list (link)

8. Are your products suitable for babies and pregnant women?

YES! At SELF, our products are specially made for this, because I was confronted myself with eczema on the skin of my daughter. The products are always tested on her. They are 100% safe for babies, new-borns and pregnant women!

9. Do I have to use different products depending on the season?

The needs of your skin depends not only on the season, but also from day to day. It is therefore important to check daily for the condition of your skin. Is your skin drier? Then you need to lubricate more often. You feel it is more restless, then just skip the scrub and clean it mildly. You have more pimples? Then you just have to clean more thoroughly and scrub maybe just use one time more. To look good every day is a must for you! Now you have the perfect excuse to stand before the mirror a little longer and enjoy your SELF moment!


10. When can I start to see the results of my new products?

When you start using new products, your skin has to get used to them, which can take up to two months. Especially with natural products you will feel it's different. It may be that your skin will feel dry and tight at the beginning, this is because you no longer use oil and your skin itself should start to produce fat. After a few weeks your skin is back on balance, and your natural sebum production comes back to normal. Even if your skin feels taut, it takes the healthy and intensely nourishing ingredients. It is like water in a very dry soil. After a while you notice that your skin is restored.

11. Do I need an eye cream?

Most products are rather poor in quality and often contain irritants thereby explaining the need for a milder cream for eyes (also a good commercial of course :). An eye cream is actually really not necessary. The skin under your eyes is thinner and requires a mild cream, but it is also necessary for your face in general. Your face does not need aggressive substances. A good mild cream is perfect for your face and eyes. The SELF products have full cell-stimulating properties, both our day and night cream will address those crow's-feet :)

12. What is a good facial cleanser?

Cleaning of the skin is essential, both in the morning and in the evening before bedtime! But cleaning it with mild, and soft products is equally important! A facial cleanser that foams is very aggressive and it hurts the skin. It is better to use a milky cleanser, where oil has been added, possibly rinsing it with water afterwards. It sounds crazy, but the oil in the product dissolves dirt and bacteria without drying your skin!