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The world is constantly changing. People keep smothering you with their questions and demands. There is always someone needing you to do something. That’s why it is hard to stop and think about who you really are and what you really want. Yet somehow you still feel there must be more to it. You want something different, to go out and live your life. You want to be YOURSELF! 

Self wants you to enjoy yourself, with that little twinkle in your eyes that says: ‘Yes, this is it!’ The 100% natural creams, lotions and scrubs from Self help to look after and protect your skin in just the right way. Packed with organic body boosters and nutritional vitamin bombs, Self's premium care and luxury products will suit you perfectly. In harmony with the skin's natural properties and focused on what's most important: your inner self.

The story of Self

Isabelle Ulenaers
Manager Self



"Come Clean", geen toegevoegde stoffen en zeker geen microbeads. Begin een nieuw jaar met 'clean' skincare, ook omdat het zo lekker is!  

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proposes a product line of big quality, totally free of parabens, artificial colours and aromas or other synthetic corposants. SELF = 100% natural!

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